One-time Password (OTP) Provider Marketplace

Reliable & Secure Transactional SMS & Voice One-time Password (OTP) Provider Marketplace

RingCaptcha OTP Provider Marketplace

As a one-time password, OTP (also known as one-time PIN) delivery marketplace, we send SMS and voice OTP through many different providers ranging from big global ones like Twilio, Infobip, Nexmo, MessageBird, etc., to regional reliable ones like Cequens, Plivo, Bandwidth, etc.

Goals of OTP Provider Marketplace

  • Match customers with providers at the price and reliability desired
  • Increase the OTP reliability and robustness

The Technology Behind OTP Provider Marketplace

  • The first OTP is sent through the most reliable route
  • The second OTP which can be manually requested by user or sent by our auto follow-up feature, which triggers when a requested OTP is not used within a period of time, through an alternative provider route, and it could be through a different medium (SMS or voice)
  • Alternative out-of-band mechanisms, such ‘Dial-for-Help’, ‘AI Assist’, and ‘Human Touch’ can be triggered manually or automatically should the user still not receive her OTP
  • Each OTP request passes through AI and heuristics powered security filters to ensure that it is valid and you are protected against various attacks and pranks

Data-driven OTP Reliability

Our OTP marketplace has a unique vantage point, it enables us to measure the reliability and speed of different provider routes to discover the best routes for each region/country (see empirical reports comparing different providers in different continents/countries in the last section). This data enables us to mix-and-match primary and fallback routes/medium appropriately to provide the OTP reliability you demand at the price you desire. Furthermore, since we deliver SMS and voice OTP at large scale through multiple providers, you can enjoy competitive pricing because of our economies of scale.

Benefits of OTP Marketplace

If you are looking for a secure & reliable SMS and voice OTP provider in your region or country be it Australia, United States, Europe, South-East Asia, South America, Middle East of Africa, use RingCaptcha to enjoy these benefits:

  • Best mix of price and reliability: You determine your price for reliable deliverability, and we mix-and-match the primary and fallback routes/medium required
  • No lock-in: If your provider increase your pricing, you can switch to another provider with just a few mouse clicks
  • Mitigate downtime: You work with a single API set and maintain a single account but gain access to multiple providers required for availability and redundancy
  • Best deliverability: You call a single API endpoint to send OTP and various reliability mechanisms (auto follow-up, fallback routes, Dial-for-Help, AI Assist, etc.) are activated behind the scene to increase the OTP deliverability
  • Fraud protection: The same single API endpoint that sends OTP for you also analyzes OTP requests to ensure that they are valid and originating from real users to protect against Sybil, denial-of-service, resource exhaustion attacks using the latest AI and heuristics technology.

OTP Reliability Empirical Evidence

If you are not convinced, we provide empirical evidence to help you understand:

  • What is the ‘price’ of choosing a wrong provider for a given country
  • What are the quantifiable benefits of implementing deliverability with multiple fallback routes
You can read the reports for Australia, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, etc.

Here is a table showing a quick summary of the impact of choosing a bad service provider.
Impact of Choosing Bad Provider By Region