How We Fight Fraud

Work with our fraud analysts to decide on the rules to apply to your traffic.

RingCaptcha can block the fraudulent traffic for you, or if you’d prefer to block the traffic on your side, can send you alerts. These alerts can be pushed to Slack, email, etc. or can be pulled from our API.

Fraud Fraud


The Blocklist

One very effective solution, that we use here at RingCaptcha, is a blocklist. A blocklist is, essentially, a list of numbers that are not allowed to receive one-time passwords (OTP) or phone verification codes through RingCaptcha. Every RingCaptcha customer has their own unique blocklist.

Import Your Data
Import Your Data

Customers can use the RingCaptcha dashboard or our simple REST API to import your numbers to your blocklist.

Always Updating Blocklist
Always Updating Blocklist

We’re constantly scraping websites that offer open SMS phone numbers that any user can utilize to bypass phone verifications to populate our blacklist and keep it updated. Phone numbers from these open SMS sites are applied to all customers’ blacklists.

Fraud Analytics & Heuristics
Fraud Analytics & Heuristics

We also have algorithms that check for phone number abuse. They look for suspicious phone number ‘behavior’. Phone numbers from these algorithms are only applied to the blacklist of the customer whose site or app the customer requested the OTP on.


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