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and SMS Messaging APIs


What Is RingCaptcha?

RingCaptcha is a voice, SMS & one-time password (OTP) marketplace API where we send your voice, SMS and OTPs through the best voice, SMS gateway APIs based on destination country, and carrier, while automatically falling back to alternative voice, SMS gateway APIs, when there are delivery issues. RingCaptcha also has an auto-followup OTP feature that monitors OTP request and usage, which is a stronger indicator of delivery issues that status codes returned by voice, SMS gateways; RingCaptcha auto resends another OTP if it detects that a requested OTP has not been used, which could be due to a delivery issue or a user not noticing the OTP.

The links below reviews our SMS gateway partners, their strengths, and weakness, and also explain how RingCaptcha build a powerful security layer to protect your OTP against attacks and a reliability to handle fallbacks and auto resends thereby creating a very simple API layer.

  • twilio
  • plivo

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