Phone verification for the masses.

RingCaptcha brings phone verification to your web and mobile apps in just seconds. Plugins & REST API available.

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Drag, drop, done.

Adopting RingCaptcha is as simple as adding a few lines of code to your app. You'll be up and running in no time.

User Friendly

Frustration Free!

Our super user-friendly interface allows anyone to verify smoothly with confidence from day one.


A new layer of protection

RingCaptcha helps you to ensure that your users are real by stopping spammers and fraudsters.

World-Class features integrated All-in-One single place

Core API

Don't try this at home

Sending an SMS is easy. So is verifying a PIN code. Creating a scalable, performant, flexible, maintainable, low-overhead, monitoriable, cost-effective global phone verification service is not.

User Experience

Never lose another user

Our customizable World-Class features are designed to increase both user experience and conversion rates, enabling you to focus on delivering a world-class experience. Any Language, Any alphabet, Any Device.

Smart Routing

Getting your users as quickly as possible.

Experience a dramatic improvement on your conversion metrics. Based on real-time, historical and predictive data we choose the best route the message gets to your users' handset as quickly as possible.

Easy to Integrate

Give yourself a rest

RingCaptcha's tools allow you to natively integrate phone verification into any app in just minutes. With our iOS, Android SDKs and Rest API you can now maximize your time and focus on what you do best.

Security Layer

Protect your Brand and Community

Our security layer can detect and block any harmful activity or phone number belonging to a fake user trying to abuse your service - e.g. voips numbers, PIN throttling, disposable phone numbers, etc.

Number Cleansing

Everything You Need to Get Delivered Globally

RingCaptcha's algorithms understand global numbering plans, being able to resolve issues with users that accidentally type in the wrong number or forget their area codes, automatically correcting faulty numbers and report them in real-time.

Global Reach

The World's Phones Verified instantly

RingCaptcha is connected to more than one thousand mobile networks across the globe reaching more than 200 countries to ensure that you can verify your users wherever they are. Any country. Any volume. Any scale.

RingCaptcha Works the Way You Do


Intuitive dashboard

RingCaptcha's dashboard provides you the up-to-date insight of your KPI's, a detailed breakdown of your data in real-time [conversion rate, success rates, error logs, and much more].

Plugins & Libraries


With our iOS, Android, Libraries, Flexible SDKs, APIs, and popular plugins like Wordpress drastically decrease the time to implement phone verification in your app. Read More...

Scalable & Secure

You're in good company

Built-in redundancy and nationwide failover protect against app downtime or diminished user experience, RC provides the scale to process millions of verifications every day.

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Trusted and loved by the developer community, top-noch apps and fine institutions.

All you need bundled in a simple SDK. - Very simple!


UX issues were a headache for us, they are now part of our past.

Ridiculously easy and started verifying globally in minutes.

I've been looking for something like this, good work!

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Hello, we are RingCaptcha.

We're an agile startup founded by seasoned mobile practitioners and software innovators, right brainers with the obsession of building a great service that any developer or product manager would love to use.

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