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In the messy app-stores arena, getting new users straight to download your app is more and more complex and it has become critical for growth.
But all that is about to change.... say hello to RingCaptcha!. RingCaptcha allows you to power your landing page with a simple turnkey plugin that converts your Desktop visitors on your website to verified onboarded users into your app with just the click of a button. View the Docs now

Happy Onboarding!


Today, after more than a year and a half of hard work, we are proud and excited to unmask RingCaptcha!
We love feedback. Please reach out to us anytime via the forum, twitter, or through the website with your ideas, suggestions and feedback.
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Real People

Trust is a major pillar of the sharing economy and online marketplaces where individuals buy, sell and interact in the virtual realm. While most transactions take place online, a need for immediacy throws another issue into the mix: a way of communicating that’s quicker than email ... Continue reading ...


Not only do players’ own levels and competitive abilities determine their gaming prowess, but their capacities to acquire and amass virtual currency and in-game objects also proves vital as well. In turn, a competitive and economic incentive emerges to steal these virtual goods... Continue reading ...


Hey guys, Martin here. We're drafting some cool tutorials to show how easy it is to implement RingCaptcha in Onboarding mode on your landing page and mobile app so that you start onboarding users from your website.
Check out our first video tutorial for how to creante an onboarding widget and integrate it into your website.
PS: Don't forget to leave your feedback in the forum.

Onwards and Upwards.

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