Easy as pie phone-based verification.

RingCaptcha brings phone verification to your web and mobile apps in just seconds. Plugins & REST API available.

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Why RingCaptcha?

It's easy to use.

Adopting RingCaptcha is as simple as adding a few lines of code on your site/app.

It's user friendly.

RingCaptcha has an easy and intuitive user experience which combined with our easy-to-install plugins enhances your user's experience.

It's secure.

RingCaptcha keeps your community safe from malicious activity adding a new layer of protection between your app and your users.

It's useful.

RingCaptcha nurtures your user database by providing you with fresh and valuable information about your users & customers.

Accurate User Data

Alerts & Marketing Use

Identify from your current customer-base SMS enabled phones for alerts and mobile marketing campaigns or landlines to call them when they are at home.

Validate online users

Telephone verification is a kind of universal method to verify user's identity. Build more reliable and safer communities.

Verify Business ownership

"Do you manage this location/store? Claim here". For business owners to "take control" of their business page on your website or app.

Mobile Apps

Phone number has become a new user identifier on mobile networks. RingCaptcha helps OTT services to verify their online communities.

Validate Leads

Deal with real prospective customers and increase your productivity by boosting the value and Quality of Leads.

RingCaptcha enhances the communication with your audience by nurturing your user database.


Secure E-commerce

Fraud and Chargeback activities are a serious problem for plenty of merchants. Reduce fraudulent transactions with a proof of ordering a good/service.

Prevent Bulk Registrations

Anticipate multiple signing ups which is a bad experience for a marketing report. Excellent for Sites with Free content limiting or region limiting services.

Two Factor Authentication

Protect Account Access by adding 2FA to your apps. Reduce incidence of online identity theft, phishing expeditions, and other online fraud.

Trusted Password Reset

Sending a password to specific email address doesn't guarantee Site Owner cannot be completely sure that password reminder procedure isn't initiated by a scammer.

Prevent abuse of your service keeping the loyal audience in and the fake audience out.

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RingCaptcha is for everyone; regardless of industry or app size


99.99% SLA

+4MM Users

+200 Countries

+1K Carriers